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    I’m soooo horny....
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    Tell me something dirty baby !?
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    Gone 2 Long

    I've been gone for a minute but I'm back now. I miss u guys. Hit my inbox with some new shit.. What's up
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    20.11 21:00 Brighton & Hove Albion - Stoke City 2:2 (rewritten21:11)

    20.11 21:00 Brighton & Hove Albion - Stoke City 2:2 [rewritten21:11]
    before match I see Bruno with Son. Is he his son?
    Kick Off. I remember an computer game [on my Commodore 64/128 & Amiga 500+] with the same title.
    04 – Chuopo – Moting blocked
    05 – Diouf slided
    9 – Stevens nice try, strong shot from the distance
    11 – Shawcross big header, Ryan very good save
    12 – Propper mistake, Dunk fix it
    14 – now slow tempo, faster, faster
    15 – Izqiuerdo individual action
    16 – Chris Houghton spies his players on a pitch I see
    17 – Izquierdo good shot, minimal miss
    20 – Stevens good long pass
    22 – Propper header
    25 – Mark Hughes shows: attack [go forward]. after seconds Chuopo – Moting goal! Dunk bad coordination & no orientation [dezorientation for a while], mistake. Shaquiri great assist.
    33 – offside [hue,hue]
    37 – Penalty for Me! Shawcross fouls Murray. Bald Refferee mistake. Sad but true, for who?, but refferee is sympathic on a face. I will forgive him.
    43 – Propper decided ride with dribble, Gross goal! Justcice exists!
    45 – Zouma goal! after corner. Duffy mistake
    Interesting finish first half. now Half Time.
    Second Half:
    46 – I see Ramadan on shirt, what’s going on? Arabian nights?
    48 – Murray shot but offside
    49 – Sobhi shot! Ryan another good save
    to 56 Brighton attacking but no ideas in it, no concepts I see.
    57 – Stevens unsafe in defense, Stevens electric[al] but with lucky. no interception.
    59 – Izquierdo goal! his goal! 2:2 but Stoke’s defense not decided in this action [light asleeping].
    64 – I AM Thinking now what means The Potters? Harry’s Potter friends from magic?
    67 – Ramadan good ride, later Shaquiri good shot from the distance. Solly March for Izquierdo.
    77 – 2:2 result is good [high] but level is low now.
    to 86 – hmm, You know [nh]
    88 – Diouf aggressive on March, he has no right [isn’t right]
    92 – Fletcher nice centre from right. Uh, good that is the end now.
    4 goals was [were], no a best player, Justify [fair, just] result, I think.8:59[today21.11].
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    Tribute Video

    Hey everybody! Would love to see someone do a tribute video for us! If you guys like our pics and videos, show us some love!
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    Late night talk

    So today it has been a stressful day. Its Monday. So i was feeling a bit stressed and had nothing to do for the rest of the night. I startes to teas meself a little just rubbing on my clit with my 2 fingers .. Slowly .. As im rubbing up and down i puy my finer inside my vigina
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    - carregou 10 nova(s) fotografia(s)
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