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As we all continue to adapt and try our best to respond to the spread of COVID-19 throughout the globe, we want to ensure our community that we’re here to support and stand by our Models and performers from every corner of the world.

So starting today, we are giving Pornhub Models 85% Payout on all video sales on Pornhub and Modelhub throughout the entire month of April. This applies to for-sale and pay-to-download videos.

To help you spread the word and encourage your fans to buy your content, we created graphics for you to share on your own social. Just click on the link below to access the Dropbox folder for the Twitter and Instagram graphics. We also included vectors for you to add to your own photos.

 Click Here for Social Graphics 

You could also check out our Crash Course blog on all the features available to you on Pornhub and Modelhub, like the Referral Program if you know someone who's interested in joining the Model Program.

So stay home, keep safe, and help flatten the curve! #StayHomeHub

Be sure to follow us on social for any updates!

For Models who need help with their account, you can contact our Support Team through our site ( or DM them on Twitter ( You could also check out our Help Center.

For International Transgender Day of Visibility, we reached out to some of our favorite trans Models on Pornhub and asked them to share their experience on what it's like to be a trans performer and content creator in the industry, like Kinxston Foxxx. Since joining the Model Program, Kinxston has been moving up in rank and was even nominated for the Pornhub Model of the Year TEA Award this year! So keep on reading for our Q&A with Kinxston Foxxx.

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 You might recognize the name Mandy Mitchell, and rightfuly so. She's won numerous awards for her work as a performer and producer and has become an icon in the industry. So we reached out to Mandy and chatted about her return to porn after retirement, how her career has evolved over the years, the challenges she's had to overcome, and what it's like to be a trans woman in the industry.

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Trip Richards has been a performer for about 6 years. A transgender man and self-described "country boy," Trip has carved out a niche in the adult industry. He's also taken on roles as an outspoken educator and activist through his platforms. As a performer, Trip is known for passionate authentic scenes that transcend porn expectations. So of course, for International Transgender Day of Visibility, we passed the mic over to Trip and had him share his thoughts on his career and what's it's like to be a trans performer in the industry. 

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Spring is in the air and as tempting as it might be to step out of hibernation and take in the warm weather, we've got something you might enjoy even more than the sound of birds. To encourage you to stay home and help flatten the curve, we decided to lend a helping hand and made Pornhub Premium Free Worldwide until April 23!

So play your part — Stay home, keep safe, and click here to enjoy Free Premium. #StayHomeHub



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