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Jenna Jameson
As far as stars go, Jenna Jameson’s star could be spotted by the naked eye from across the Milky Way galaxy. Speaking of naked eyes, Jenna’s body might be gladly burned into our collective retinas. Her name alone brings the masses to their knees if only they could imagine praying between her thighs. She is the premiere actress of the boudoir and a total pioneer of porno power. You could spot Queen Jenna on 50-foot billboards in Times Square or on 5-inch phone screens in the remotest parts of the world wherever people love getting off. Her web site, "Club Jenna", alone generates more traffic than free fried rice day in China. She is a master for all us ‘bators’ and a teacher for all aspiring spank-princesses. It’s only fitting that Jenna Jameson was born in Las Vegas where the city of sin and seduction runs in her genes. It wasn’t long after, she was running to get out of her jeans and get into bed, with the lights and cameras blazing on her. Since dominating the industry and making men’s fists stronger ever since, this smart and savvy bombshell took her business to the next level and helped elevate the entire smut industry. All her hard work owning companies, writing books, and showing up on mainstream TV comes from the same place where good old-fashioned hard screwing pays off in big loads. Hard to believe, Jenna got her start at an amusement park resort. Well, she certainly has amused us Pornhub junkies ever since.
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Altura: 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Peso: 110 lbs (50 kg)
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