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I have a new account on twitter be my friend i am aasstight1,kisses

be my FRIEND on facebook search me as:Aasstight Ana kisses
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Win a shoot with me

Update: 21 out of 100 gone. 79 left.

Okay boy and girls the new contest is here. I had some complaints saying too many people could enter the prior contests so I put this one down to 100 total entries. To get 1 of the 100 total raffles you can either A. Order a pair of my underwear. Or if that's not your thing, you can enter in the raffle and I will send you a personalized picture instead of the underwear.

I am going to sell 100 raffles total, in the form of underwear or the personalized pic. The underwear will be worn before sending them to you. Each pair of underwear purchased (or picture), and sent to you will be an entry into the drawing. 100 raffles total. Can purchase as many as you want:

-underwear or picture sold for $25 a pair. And shipped wherever you want them sent. Or if it's a picture I can email it directly to you and you can tell me what you want to see.
-if you want a specific item you've seen in a shoot of mine can do that as a replacement as well.
-I can sign the item if you want, and seal with a kiss.
-payments will be accepted through square cash, snapchat cash, or PayPal.
-If you win, you must be okay with me tagging your pornhub username as the winner of the contest and participant in video (video will be posted on my account ) your face and real identity does not need to be in video.
-we will work out travel arrangement once contest is over. If I am traveling to you or if you to me.
-if you live out of country and cannot win a shoot but want to participate, I will allow you via skype to direct a shoot of mine live, in replacement.

-have fun. Message me if you have questions or want to enter. I will keep the status updated and draw a winner as soon as 100 items are gone.
Good luck!
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So I'm at work and I'm about to have the sex I've been dreaming about all night. Sex in the workplace is phenomenal
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Any GENEROUS GENTLEMAN for some fun on skype...cam2cam...mastrubation...dildoplay...Join me and lets have fun and cum together...Kisses Luna 
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Come join me for Shynies 365 Days of Videos ... NEW VIDEOS DAILY for the next YEAR!! 

Subscribe to catch them all! #Shynie
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