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A message to my fans and subscrisbers

Two quick points to my fans and subscribers:
1. I no longer accept friend requests. It comes with a heavy heart and a lot of sadness, since I prided myself in how approachable I am to my fans. The reason I did that is because of two things. Firstly, I am a perfectionist, and getting so many messages, I was unable to reply to all of them because I have a full time job and a relationship; and that really bothered me. Secondly, I got some messages that made me quite uncomfortable, as I am not used to people talking to me like that. It pains me to let my fans down like this, but id rather do it this way and upload my videos, than not enjoy the experience. Because once I stop enjoying this, I wont do it anymore.
2. There is not much nudity in my videos, if you havent noticed that already. I get a lot of mixed reviews about that, and I listen to all opinions with much care. However, I have always and will always have my own personal standards that I abide by. I have given this a lot of thought. I am a bit shy to show my body at the moment. If you enjoy my content for what it is, then nothing makes me happier. If you want to see naked bodies, thats also fine and understandable, and there are millions of other pornstars to provide you with that. There is a message I am trying to send here, mental and psychological pleasure can be delivered in much more personal manner by a sincere look and sound rather than bombarding you with stripping stimuli.
I do appreciate all of you, and if you want to follow me and/or you enjoy my humble videos, feel free to subscribe to my page. And I will do my best to stay true to who I am and keep uploading authentic content for free on pornhub.
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Don't Steal!!!!

Don't steal my clips, if I find out people have stole my clips and posted it to their own stream then I will block, I go through my time and money so people can enjoy clips for their eyes and etc... only, respect me and my time and I will respect you. Happy nut busting!!!
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Photographer needed!!

I need someone to take my professional pictures for the site.
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im doing skype show live

paypal me for $10
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So my friend call me tonight ask me to cum watch her k**s. k**s up cause they went to bed earlier. My pussy wet dnt wanna play out in the open the k**s father might catch me.
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I want to ride someone
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Found My Ex On Here

Not joking at all, just favorited her video, Sedusa Drakeina, I couldn't stop fucking laughing. Jesus fart fetish christ.
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"I honestly just want to at least passionately make out with someone right now... who says that"
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