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Briana Gets Her Ass Fucked In The Hallway

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Estrelas porno:  Briana Banks + Sugerir
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  • Briana Banks
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Apresentado em: 3 years ago
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3 years ago
Gah she was soo hot!! Always a classic..sleep creep is a favorite of her scenes! "Who are you? What do you wahh*aahhaha*gag*gag*gag*gag*gag*
1 year ago
hahahah that one is classic! so hilarious
1 year ago
Once I was in Indianapolis. I went to some place called the Red Garter downtown. Turns out Ms. Banks was feature dancing. After her set, it was announced that she would take photos with the customers for like 20 bucks. This was the mid 90s. I got in line. When my turn came and she sat on my lap and someone snapped a polaroid, I whispered in my ear, "What will a grand get me?" She said nothing. I went back to my table and drank my beer. An hour or so later, some big fucker came up to me
1 year ago
...and sad, "Follow me." I was led back stage where Banks blew me off. I was hard but also in some kind of shock the whole time. It was an very expensive blow job but a memory I will never forget.
1 year ago
Epic story!!!
3 years ago
Love Briana! What do these little fuckers today know about this chick?
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