Pornhub Launches Safe for Work Category that Features Videos without Nudity

Posted: 29/11/2018

Pornhub Launches Safe for Work Category that Features Videos without Nudity


Launched in Response to Starbucks Banning Porn at Stores, New Category Provides Users Ability to Enjoy Great Content that is Appropriate for Public Settings


NEW YORK, N.Y. (Nov. 28, 2018) – Pornhub, the premiere online destination for adult entertainment, in response to yesterday’s news that Starbucks is banning people from watching XXX content in its stores, today announced the launch of a Safe for Work (SFW) category that features content without nudity.


“While we were aware some people’s preference in a sexual partner mimics that of their coffee, we were unaware that people were acting on such impulses when getting their caffeine fix,” said Corey Price, VP, Pornhub. “To comply with Starbucks’ new policy,  we’ve created an option that allow fans to still enjoy great content to which they are accustomed, but that is appropriate for consumption in public places.”


The category, which can be accessed at, features hundreds of videos with ranging topics, including adult entertainers sharing advice and experiences; compilation videos with attractive, yet clothed people; video game reviews and demonstrations; and more.


Starbucks plans to prevent customers from viewing pornography or other explicit content in stores starting in 2019.


About Pornhub:

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