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Maria Ozawa, asiática gostosa, é uma gritadora

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2 years ago
FYI GUYS, Japanese women cry and whine while getting fuck because they want men to know that they are being submissive to the male counter part. Not like the majority of FAT ASS, FAT WAIST AMERICAN WOMEN.
2 years ago
I hate fake orgasms/moans though - that's the only problem. I love when a girl doesn't hold anything back, but to create a sound out of nothing is different. Asian women understand sex so much better than american women.
2 years ago
Maria can you Shaved that!.....,just saying!
5 years ago
pretty but too passive, she doesn't fuck, she just gets fucked , and there's a big difference
4 years ago
anyone else notice only the guy doing most of the work
3 years ago
This is no asian babe! Too much fake screaming and she's not even into it! A very big turnoff for me, and I love asians. Yuk!
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