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Pregnant Cytheria sprays the camera

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2 years ago
tightpussy0022, you need to stop being so judgmental. There are a tonne of pregnant women out there (myself included) who are horny as hell & who's partners can't / won't help.
You don't DIE when you become a mother.
Sex cannot hurt your baby.
Ask ANY doctor.
1 month ago
id just love to see the kids face when they first find out they've been in a porno!
10 months ago
You sound oh so very yummy. We are strangers, no clue what you look like (adds more fun imo). So wish I coulda fucked you and cummed in you while you were preggo.
2 years ago
prego sex is fun and the pussy is much much wetter
2 years ago
I'd love for a man to make me squirt like that
1 year ago
same here
6 years ago
Lol when i saw all that water, i was sure her water had broken XD
2 years ago
I'm sorry but when you're pregnant, you're not supposed to fuck like that. If she was any type of mother she wold've quit doing this shit a long time ago when she found out she was pregnant. I'm pretty sure if she's with her babydaddy still he wouldn't want her doing this cause fucking that hard & that far a long can hurt your baby. Your hot but that's just not a way an expecting mother should've acted. :| I'm glad my man doesn't fuck me hard like
1 year ago
You're an imbecile.
1 year ago
Sex during pregnancy is actually healthy, maybe not hardcore sex though

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