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She's A Nice Little Dime Piece

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Estrelas porno:  Byron Long + Sugerir
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  • Byron Long
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Produção:  professional + Sugerir
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Adicionado em: 2 years ago
Apresentado em: 1 month ago
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2 years ago
What ever happened to the long stretch of black amateur scenes where the girl is a definite first timer or non pro performer. Its often slow and awkward but you cannot deny the thrill of realism, as they take the largest dick they have ever had and in many cases, decides porn is NOT for them!
1 month ago
She has to be one of the sexiest women I've ever seen, but she absolutely DECIMATED this scene. The only reason someone is that quiet during sex is if someone doesn't wanna be heard or the sex is terrible & they're faking it til they make it, n this was certainly not the case here. Her overall performance ruined this scene for me
1 month ago
1 year ago
Yo she also went by Pink Champagne in Booty Talk 15. One of the baddest to ever do porn. To bad she only did two movies.
1 month ago
Wow damn this girl is beautiful. This is that raw shit. Black Amateur shit in the dvd world seems to be gone and not the same but this right here is it. None of that excessive screaming shit though honestly she could have made a little more noise.Good scene.
5 months ago
Damn she cute. She got sweet eatin pussy. Eat it with creamy filling inside. Girls go crazy for that when they can get it.
3 months ago
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