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Husband lets his boss have sex with his wife.

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Adicionado em: 7 years ago
Apresentado em: 6 years ago
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4 years ago
wow that guy fucks really good
4 months ago
catch their breath, the guy even sweats sexy. One spoiler alert: no fuck-till-you-climax finish. To show you how porn affects everyone differently, we all look for different things, check out  Brian Cicero's review below. I don't dispute his opinion, but obviously he had no use for what I saw as honest, sexy porn. By the way I had so much to say I had to write 2 entries!! Hope it copies.
4 months ago
This video is better than it looks. The setting is odd: a tanning bed, large foam mattress and a tv for soundtrack (which they could have done without) This is real honest sex. The girl is pretty and the guy is HOT. Its unusual because the camera catches them both most of the time, no constant close ups, its mostly missionary which is simple and sexy, the original position. I also liked the fact that they are not always going at it, so much of porn feels like a race to the finish, they pause  to
3 years ago
Sure does make me miss married Victoria from my bank.

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