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White BBW Shares Her BIg Black Husband With Her Fat White Friend

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3 years ago
Hey loadedballs,this guy is getting laid while you're trolling the net for porn and spanking your monkey. To top it off,he's getting paid and laid,so in my book,some homo like you talking shit is a bigger fool than anyone. And you're just mad because one of em is your ex wife and she got more cock from his dickhead than your little fetid pecker. Now drink a bottle of bleach and kill yourself.
2 years ago
it's a year later, and these two big sexy ass sluts still make me so hard!! Such a magical dream to have a pair of BBWs servicing me. C'mon ladies in Los Angeles, let's do this ;)
2 years ago nice to give some dick to the girlfriend. This was a soft simple threesome...later on down the road they will probably be fucking harder
1 year ago
two sexy bbw's..........I love big girl pussy
4 years ago
im walaa devil

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