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biker gangbang

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Apresentado em: 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Good thing someone parked those "bikes" for these dorky male "actors." It would have been tragic if they actually had to know how to ride them. And judging by the stupid shit like wrapping the chicks HAIR around their dicks, this must have been the first piece of pussy they ever had. Listening to retards painfully attempting to speak English is like jerking off with a cheese grater, i.e. not much fun.
1 year ago
I loved the idea but seriously if your going to do a biker gang bang please use guys that ride. My husband and I ride all the time and go to rallies where I know guys would line up to do a movie. Guess I need to make my own and post it.
2 years ago
Great concept...poor video
2 years ago
damn I'm impressed
2 years ago
Wow, the girl is fucking amazing. She actually was laughing and seemed to be enjoying it in parts, even the ass fucking and bukkake at the end. If she came to USA she could be a major porn star. Of course she would probably end up getting a boob job. Just wish the cameraman knew what the fuck he was doing. He seemed drunk. Also too bad the video quality sucks...
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