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1 year ago
Who the fuck jacks off with da door open
4 months ago
People in porn movies
8 months ago
i know right like wtf
1 year ago
I wanna be fucked like that
11 months ago
Let me fuck you then
1 year ago
id be glad to!
9 months ago
i like how he talks
2 months ago
Yes, James Deen made a career out of trying to imitate Mike Stefano.  The sustained whispering and mix of saying sweet things while being a tad rough.
1 year ago
Any girl's want to fuck?
2 years ago
@binman107 my sister and i have been fucking for years a bit strange at the start fucking my sister and she letting me fill her pussy with my cum but now we fuck like crazy as often as possible i must admitt that fucking my sister is the best sex ive ever had and she loves it too .its only for our pleasure so why not !
1 year ago
@alybabe shes my real sister
1 year ago
When I was 14 I met my first cousin for the first time. She was 14 two and even though I wouldn't have considered her my type I was still very attracted to her. I knew she felt the same way and I'm pretty sure my grandma knew it too which is why it was kind of weird the way she encouraged her to sit close to me and hang out with her. I must admit I wanted to fuck my cousin even though she was kinda hillbilly trash (and I was from the city), but I wanted her and she wanted me. Nothing happened.
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