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Maria Ozawa Unsensored Full Video

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Apresentado em: 5 years ago
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2 years ago
It's concerning seeing the amount of guys commenting about his dick. You didn't come for her?
1 year ago
Its funny how these insecure losers comment and minds all about the guy and his unfortunate size. Penis size isnt dependent on race and is scientifically proven. There are alot of japanese actors who's sizes are around and above 6-7 inches, the guy in the vid boosts the racial stereotype. Search Maria ozawa's assjob vid, and the jap guy is hung as a horse. So many insecure and queers here about the guy's dick, goddamn.
2 years ago
I thought the comments were exaggerating about his dick but whoa o_o never knew it could be that small... loved the scenes tho. it was very relaxing to watch :P
4 years ago
Sure wish I could understand their language because for the first 20 minutes it's mostly talk. BTW men with smaller size cocks have serviced me just as well as men with 9inchers. Knowing how to please pussy is an art and a science combined for some of us orgasm connoisseurs
9 months ago
Maria Ozawa is my favorite  Japanese P.S. ·٠•●♥
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