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Wife Gangbanged While Hubby Watches

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2 years ago
I want some of whatever dope she's on! Good Lord it's like she's devouring those poor guys!
9 months ago
lol? actually they fucked her like a little whore she is
1 year ago
Really wen do u wana have sum dope dick
4 years ago
alreay fuck a 38 years old wife in front of her husband we are 3 young guys....so nice
1 year ago
hope it was my wife lol, love arrogant young lads fucking my slut and treating her rough
1 year ago
You know what I'd do ?? I'd DOUBLE DATE with her & a buddy of mine going out with either Ava Devine or Bethany Sweet. Then we'd bring BOTH of them back home & have a WEEKEND LONG orgy as we FUCKED 'EM TILL WE KNOCKED EM UP !!! After that,we'd go out on ANOTHER date with them where we'd FUCK 'EM WHILE PREGGO !!! THAT is how you breed BITCHES like THOSE !!! :)
1 year ago
my wife got turned on reading this
2 years ago
Missing the start of the video. With the prelude it would have been even better
3 years ago
would love to be at the place of the hubby, love to watch cocks in my wife's holes but wish she lets me drink the glass of cum at the end
1 year ago
Yea drink my cum out ur wifes pussy
1 year ago
Hmmmm id luv for u to see my cock in ur wife pussy
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