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Marilyn Chambers - The Babysitter

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1 year ago
Love these old movies. They take their time in getting to the action, and there is a nice warm up before sex begins. And a hairy snatch gives each girl her own individuality.
1 year ago
Who is mom?
2 months ago
I gasped as she ran her finger tips over my swollen knob before she took me in her hawnd and started stroking and whispering "looks like I have another promise for to keep our new secret,mmmm do you think you can,the best secrets are hard ones,mmmm like your cock" "I promise" "Ive dreamed of feeling your cock,my first cock,Ive waited,wondered if you wanted my body,you feel so good" "Ive dreamed of you too,every morning,day and night" we kissed awkwardly,yet her stroke was natural
2 months ago
The next 2 weeks went much the same,then things changed,I had just taken my underwear off and was standing waiting for the cold water to cool the unusually hot bath water Christine had filled the bath with,the bathroom door had n lock,then to my horror open it flew,Christine standing there with a towel,me caught with a full hard on as I wanked thinking of her,we said nothing,our eyes locked,then,she broke our steer,her eyes lowering to my crotch,then stepping toward me,her hand moving mine
2 months ago
We stood on the porch waving as our Mothers drove off tooting the horn,then Christine said "inside,I need you to help me" we walked in "unzip me,I hate this ugly dress" I did as she said,she stepped out of the dress revealing a tiny mini skirt and super tight boob tube,sexy as hell,I was glad I had jeans on to conceal my instant hard on,I was in teenage heaven,and it was just me and her,my secret fantasy girl who Id stroke to imagining her naked beside me with her hand stroking my cock

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